viernes, 24 de julio de 2009


I've been posting from my cell phone for a while now, because it's
easier & faster this way, because Lately I get inspired just the
second before I turn off the computer...

Today, or yesterday perhaps I just discover that despite I like you
very much I seriously doubt we can get anywhere at all... You're
pretty, intelligent, funny and all that things that you already
know... But I also discovered that we are seeking for different
things, Well... Maybe not that different, but the paths are not the

And I'm also thinking to learn portuguese propperly, so when I chicken
out even with myself and start to type in english, at least I can do
it in portuguese, so less people can understand it and not... What is
the porcentage of mexican people who apeáis english? I'm sure that you
know, but deffinetely is much higher than the ones who speak
So long for now, my -almost- beloved one

El gato rocanrolero, a bit pussy
In Lakech

Estoy en eso..

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